Pathway Strategic Advisors
Brand Identiy for brochure, fact sheets, web, fillable form, Powerpoint slide masters and template
An exisiting business wanted to launch their new division, Pathway Strategic Advisors, I was hired to get their marketing efforts off the ground; starting with a logo, website supervision, brochure creation, and presentations - all in a hurry for upcoming conferences.
Further I created an elegant and functional fillable PDF form. Working with the IT team (who initially developed a very clunky and inelegant form for the same) I created 2 versions of the form; one form that was popuplated buy input from their secure website; and a second form that could be filled in, and calculated, from a downloaded PDF (vs online).
Brochure and fact sheet
Fillable PDF and online form, with calculation.
Conference presentations utilizing master slides and templates provided to the team.
Conference Bannerstand
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